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Computer information for charities

"Computers for Charities" has experience at both end of refurbishing and using IT in it's own projects, since 1994, Specifically setup as a registered charity to aid Charities & Voluntary organisations with Computer & IT support and advice. CfC provides an impartial safeguard for Charitable and Voluntary Organisations in the often daunting world of IT. IT today is imperative and core of operations for most organisations! A recent...

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Motorbike Blog & Sponsorship Opportunities

Covering the ground

UK & beyond

Motorbike Support / Blog - Photo (The Worshipful the Mayor of Eastbourne, Mrs Gill Mattock) It was thanks to an anonymous donation in 2009, and the unexpected arrival of a 1994 BMW R1100RS motorcycle, which added a new chapter to the charities work & support. Providing additional coverage not just across the UK but as far afield as Eastern Europe. Providing access to Schools, Orphanages, Charities and much more. With over 100,000 miles...

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Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2018

Celebrating 27 Years (1992 - 2019)

Simple but effective

The Christmas Shoebox Appeal - "Born from War" - Bringing Hope! Can You Help ? Support Donate Volunteer 27 Years of Supporting, Collecting & Distributing Christmas Shoeboxes to benefit the elderly and children in the UK and Overseas. Much has changed since the origin's of the Christmas Shoebox. But still the same message. Providing hope & encouragement as it did back then with those caught up in the conflict of the Bosnian War in...

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Developing Courses & Training to Assist Charities & Education

UK and Worldwide

Education, Training, Project development & Erasmus

African Schools on Line Program Computer Refurbishment Training Course Stream line ICT Consultancy Erasmus European Work Experience Opportunities Sponsor a student training appeal Bespoke Training or Needs CfC has a wide experience, spanning two decades of working with Organisations and Government bodies across the UK & Overseas, to develop and implement complimentary & bespoke; Educational &Vocational programmes, plus Social &...

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Terms & Conditions



Donations & Collections: Collection services for donated equipment are NOT available to households or Domestic addresses at this time. Collection services where possible are provided free of charge in respect of viable* collections of working Desktop / Server/ Laptop / Tower units within UK mainland) Donations to aid fuel costs, etc. Enable provision of this service Data security / Liability Company donation of computer base units /...

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Recycling for Charities

IT WEEE Recycling

I.T Asset Management & Recycling services for Corporates to benefit the community

Recycling for Charities Thanks to the generosity of MbCommerce & Chalvington Communications, RfC has a brand new website..... Please Scroll down for website details Recycling for Charities is a registered charity formed from "Computers for Charities" pioneering I.T WEEE recycling since 1994 RfC seeks to offer more than ethical IT Asset Management & Recycling services, across the UK and EU to aid Corporates, Government bodies and...

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